Moving assistance includes carrying assistance, loading and unloading as well as transport, in addition we offer more than moving.


We of course have an F-tax certificate and a traffic permit, which by law you must have as a transport company in Sweden.


Storage is the excellent solution for you who need to stopover or store in the event of a changed life situation.


Take the help of Nettoflytt and get time for other things, you save both time and money. We assemble and disassemble furniture from all suppliers.


Our packing help is available for you, as we know it can be stressful to catch up with all the steps before the move.


Nettoflytt helps you to collect everything you want to get rid of, load and drive to the landfill


A move is constantly a big project that can be really time consuming. It includes preparation of packing, cleaning and not least the move.


We take care of your entire estate, empty, remove and end / move the estate. Nettoflytt has many years of experience in emptying estates of various kinds.


When moving, a lot of time and energy is required for packing, moving and moving cleaning. It can be difficult to catch up on everything on your own.

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About us

Solid experience in the moving industry

Nettoflytt AB has solid and many years of experience in the moving industry both within the Malmö region and the rest of Sweden. Since the company was founded in 1989, we have taken care of several relocations for private individuals, companies and the state and municipality. 

We have staff who are specialists in all the difficulties of the industry such as piano, grand pianos, art, computers etc.

We perform everything in the industry such as moving, packing, storage, cleaning, attic and basement clearing etc. We have the best possible service at the absolute lowest price. Free moving inspection and free lending of moving boxes.

Guaranteed satisfied customers

A large part of our assignments come via recommendations from customers who have reason to return year after year.

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