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Then you have come to the right place! We at Nettoflytt AB have solid and many years of experience in the moving industry, both within Skåne and the rest of Sweden. Since the company was founded in 1989, we have taken care of several relocations for private individuals, companies and the state and municipality. Our moving company in Skåne has staff who are specialists in all the difficulties of the industry such as piano, grand pianos, art, computers etc. Therefore, you can feel safe with us if you are in need of relocation assistance in Skåne.

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A versatile moving company Skåne

We at Nettoflytt AB perform everything in the industry such as moving, packing, warehousing, cleaning, attic and basement clearing etc. In addition, we can also fix the cleaning for you if you would like to leave it clean after you. With us, you get the best possible service at the absolute lowest price in Skåne. Therefore, you simply can not be anything but satisfied when you hire us. In addition, free moving inspection and free lending of moving boxes are included in all our services.

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