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Then you have come to the right place! Since the company was founded in 1989, Nettoflytt AB has helped a lot with companies move. We have solid experience of the relocation industry and in particular of company relocation in Lund. Our passion is to deliver the best service at the absolute lowest price in Lund and therefore every assignment we undertake is of utmost importance to us. With us, you simply can not be anything but satisfied when the time is right to hire relocation assistance in Lund. We have trained staff who are specialists in all the difficulties of the industry such as grand pianos, piano, computers, art etc. If you need help from a professional moving company in Lund, you can feel safe with us at Nettoflytt AB.

More than just a company move to Lund

We always deliver a comprehensive solution for your relocation project in Lund that covers the entire process. Nettoflytt AB takes care of everything that has to do with moving, such as storage, packing, moving, cleaning, attic and basement clearing etc. Of course, all our services always include free moving inspections and free loans of moving boxes. You are always guaranteed the best possible service at the absolute lowest price in Lund.

Avoid the stress that comes with a large moving project in Lund and let us take care of the entire process - from moving inspection to a newly moved office. Get a free quote today!

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