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A move is constantly a big project that can be really time consuming. It includes preparation of packing, cleaning and not least the move. To give yourself relief at short notice and give you the opportunity to use the time to focus on the new accommodation instead of packing, moving or scrubbing floors, cleaning windows, skirting boards and kitchens.

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We want you as a customer to be able to book us whenever you want around the clock and minimize stress. Our moving services and moving cleanings have become a popular choice.

Urgent move?

Do you need emergency relocation assistance or cleaning assistance? Nettoflytt offers emergency help with a wide range of moving services and cleaning help.

Open every day of the year

In case of emergency help with moving or cleaning, we at Nettoflytt can be on site within an hour to start work the same day. Our cleaning and moving service is open every day of the year.

Tips before moving

Roll up and attach all cables to TVs, stereos, lamps, etc. First and foremost, use real moving boxes that are packed with even weight and not too heavy. Fill the cartons completely if possible. Plants and small boards can also be placed in the boxes without closing the lid. Roll all rugs and lace / tape them, small rugs can be rolled several in each other.

Pack & moving wire

Delicate goods such as crockery, glass and lamps can be packed in cardboard with sheets or towels as packaging.
Use 125l garbage bags for clothes, duvets, bed mattresses or other light things and close the bag with tape.
Disassemble larger furniture, beds, bookshelves and the like. Remove and pack all shelves with tape or tape.
Collect all curtain rods and the like and bundle together with tape
Contact the caretaker well in advance so that any. poles and gates are open when we arrive.
Persevere and have a happy mood. When Nettoflytt arrives, everything will be fixed in a smooth way.

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