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When moving, a lot of time and energy is required for packing, moving and moving cleaning. It can be difficult to catch up with everything on your own and thus we at Nettoflytt in Sweden have developed various solutions to make your move easy. You can hire us for parts of your move or a complete solution where we assist with the entire move.

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We perform all work with checklists for moving cleaning so that you can feel confident that your entire old home is reviewed and cleaned with care.


We guarantee all our services and are welcome to comment if something does not match your wishes. You can feel safe with our services.

The right solution

Apart from if you want help with packing, moving and unpacking, professional moving cleaning or a complete solution, you are welcome to contact us at Nettoflytt.

Focus on your new home and we will help you with moving cleaning

Home cleaning

Book home cleaning occasionally or by subscription every week or two. With subscriptions, a slightly lower hourly rate is given, while you always know that the home is cleaned regularly.

Rough cleaning

After a renovation or autumn cleaning? The focus is on the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Among other things, drains are cleaned, tiles are scrubbed and a stove, washing machine and other white goods are pulled out for cleaning behind. As a moving cleaning - in everyday life.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning is recommended once or twice a year. It can mainly depend on how close to the traffic you live. Feel free to order window plaster in connection with home cleaning, then a certain reduction is given.

Display cleaning

Get it superbly cleaned before the show of your abode. More than cleaning, great importance is attached to the dwelling appearing welcoming. It can mean everything from cleaning the yard to basements and attics. Our customers recommend us because we always do the little extra.

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Office space

Balanced office cleaning is the basis for a good working environment. The employees should focus on their commitments while we take care of everything in cleaning.

What's included?

In the first phase, we visit your workplace and go through the premises. We introduce which services most companies want, but of course each solution is tailored to your wishes and needs.

The principle is that floors are dried, carpets are vacuumed, mirrors are dried and any dishes are removed. In addition, trash cans are emptied and the coffee machine is inspected, and the toilets are cleaned.

Office space:

Workbench is dusted and cleaned. All floors and floor coverings are vacuumed, and the floors are moped with a damp mop. All free surfaces are dusted and mirrors, windows, doors and handles are cleaned. Trash cans are emptied and recycled.


Inside the toilets, the sinks and toilets are cleaned superficially and thoroughly. Mirrors, handles and additional surfaces are plastered.

What does it cost?

Price is only given on a quote as there are so many factors that affect the price such as:

Number of times a week
How many offices to clean
Which additional services are selected
When cleaning should take place around the clock
Contract period
Contact us for a site visit and a free quote.

Additional services
Fruit basket
Get a basket of fresh fruit once a week. A basket that can be placed in the dining room, in the reception or conference room. Better to promote healthy snacks than snacks and sweets.

Window plaster
Contact us when it's time for the windows to be cleaned. Or sign up for subscriptions and have them trimmed regularly a couple of times a year.

A shared breakfast is something more and more companies are starting to introduce. One day a week they have a joint meeting and eat together. We can bring breakfast and set the table early in the morning.

Stair cleaning
Stair cleaning generally does not need to be performed as often as office cleaning. But it all depends on how many people use the stairwell. Greater regularity is required during the autumn and winter months.

Cleaning materials

Cleaning materials are something you do not need to think about, but what we bring and include in the cost, vacuum cleaner you are responsible for. We refill soap, toilet paper and paper towels from your storage.

With our free visit, we can take a closer look and tell you more about how the layout of the cleaning is desired, and give a personal offer according to your wishes.

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